Minsk audience will see Sergey Bezrukov ‘Sleep of reason’

During the new theatrical season, the Belarusian capital will experience many first nights from the local theater troupes and from touring ones. Among one of the most brilliant performances that we’re going to see is the new performance by the Moscow Provincial Theater called ‘Sleep of Reason’. It is based on Gogol's novel Diary of a Madman. Famous actor Sergei Bezrukov is a production director and major actor.

The titular counsellor Poprischin has lived to 42 years, but has remained a small and inconspicuous employee and no one cares bout him. The agonizing dissatisfaction with himself and his place in life leads him further from the harsh reality to the fantasy world, depriving the mind.


Spectators will see a wonderful performance with fancy costumes and decorations, gymnastic tricks and choreography. Professional illusionists from Nikulin Circus were invited to work with this theatre piece.

According to Sergei Bezrukov, hero’s inner world isn’t less terrible than the real one: ‘At bedtime, person is open to introspection, he sees all fears and temptations, sometimes in such a bright and fantastic forms, that it’s hard to believe’.

A secret will be opened to the spectators. What is in the person's head, which turns away from the reality: a new world full of wonderful and frightening events and visions.

Many details of the performance are references to the most striking moments of the life and work of Nikolai Gogol: the play features something of a mystical Wii and of The Nose, and of The Overcoat...

Sleep of reason has an impressive list of actors: Alexander Frolov, Sergey Kunitsky, Sergey Burlachenko, Sergey Medvedev, Andrey Soroka, Anton Yartsev, Ilya Yartsev, Alexander Ershov Pavel Inozemtsev, Aleksandr Romanchenko, Dmitry Akimov and Maxim Novikov.

The last rehearsals are conducted and the first night will be in Moscow. ‘We work really very hard! The team is fantastic!!! Many people have already forgotten about the dream and are confused. They don’t know where is the dream and where is the reality, like my hero Poprischin’ — wrote the actor on his Facebook page.

In Minsk the first night of Sleep of reason will be on February 19, 2016 at the Palace of the Republic. Ticket sales start on September 22.

Tickets can be bought at the city box offices, on the promoter website — the concert agency Atom Entertaiment http://atomenterglobal.by/, as well as on the websites of ticket operators.

Ticket price: from 400 000 to 1 650 000 rubles

Information by phone: + 37529 106 000 4, +375 29 75 111 35