The most trending Ukrainian artisit Maria Tchaikovskaia first time in Minsk

The Internet star Maria Tchaikovskaia will give Belarusian debut concert in Minsk on March 24. Singer and composer with the appearance of a mermaid and the voice of an angel will bring to the Belarusian capital a lot of love and a bit of sadness. Tickets went on sale on February 17.

Maria Tchaikovskaia — the owner of a high soprano conquered social networks, which means that she could boast with real people's love without money and producers. Only then she started to work with festivals and television. Sensual lyrics and rich piano arrangements distinguish her work from the majority of author's music.

As a professional pianist, Maria doesn’t limit herself to three accords and creates a truly original content, due to which even brutal men inadvertently wipes away tears. Director of concert agency Atom Entertainment — Andrey Alekseyev has heard Tchaikovskaia’s songs randomly, and then decided in whatever to bring Maria in Minsk.

— Maria Tchaikovskaia has poignant lyrics of the real poet as well as incredible vocals. To be honest: many of the songs I’ve put on the «repeat» and chosen several songs to listen to in the car. I am sure that many Minsk citizens know Tchaikovskaia, and those who don’t have to hear this truly unique music. We bring it within the framework of the project “Clever. Music not for everyone”, thanks to which Belarusians have the opportunity to get acquainted with the current underground music.

Singer is sure that truly success is achieved only by professionals. After graduating from the conservatory, I’ve confirmed his theory. Maria sings her own songs, as well as compositions on Vera Poloskova’s poems and other online authors. She has hits both in Ukrainian and Russian languages. One of the most famous songs was sung by Maria with Gusha Katushkin during Vecherniy Urgant show.

"Her songs enchant and bewitch. Masha is a musician and singer in one person, she is absolutely self-sufficient and successfully pulls on herself concerts without modern light and sound effects. There are not so many performers of this kind on stage. Her voice captivates and fascinates. Listening to Maria, it’s hard to understand how in such a fragile creation there are strength and energy” — write about Mary critics.

Maria Tchaikovskaia concert will happen on March 24, 2016 in pub Brugge within the framework of concert format “Clever. Music not for everyone”. The beginning at 20.00. Information by call: +37529 3 405 106. Ticket price: 570 000 rubles.

Event in VK: https://vk.com/chaikovskaya_msq

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/586283778195441/

Tickets can be bought on the official Atom Entertainment website http://atomenterglobal.by/ (no-fee) as well as on ticket operators websites.