Yarmak in Minsk

On July 3 the star of Runet will come to Minsk club Re:public . This is a famous rapper Yarmak. Tickets went on sale on March 5.

Popular Ukrainian musician can boast with crazy popularity among modern young people. Multimillion audience watches his catchy clips. Thousands of Russians and Ukrainians attend his live performances.

Due to the mad charisma and energy, Yarmak got an army of fans as well as national recognition in a very short period of time. In 2013 Yarmak’s video “Kid’s Heart” became the most viewed clip on the Russian segment of YouTube, and according to the portal “New Rap” won the nomination “Video of the Year”.

Yarmak has thousands of fans across the CIS. Dozens of groups in VK are devoted to him, including "Yarmak’s Qoutations", "Yarmak Fans", "Yarmak group for fans" and others. The total number of views of his videos on YouTube is more than 50 000 000. He describes himself as "a young Ukrainian hip-hop artists, fighting against social injustice with the help of rhymes". Nevertheless, Yarmak has geat lyric and funny songs.  

The first Yarmak Belarusian concerts will be held on June 3 at club Re:public. Doors at 20.00. Ticket price: 325 000 rubles. Information by call: (029) 716 11 77, (029) 106 000 2.

Tickets can be bought on the official Atom Entertainment website http://atomenterglobal.by/ (no-fee) as well as on ticket operators websites.