Valery Leontiev will perform best hits in Minsk

Tickets for Valery Leontiev show went on sale, which will take place at Minsk Palace of the Republic on November 11. Legendary artist will present best songs loved by millions for Belarusians.

‘Soviet scene sex symbol’, ‘legendary artist’, ‘great worker’, ‘ageless’, ‘energizer’ and ‘lighter-man’ these are usual epithets regarding the singer. Nowadays Valery Leontiev looks that everybody can only envy: he is agile, active, incredibly malleable and fit.

For more than forty years on stage Valery Leontiev became a great magician. During the concert he catches spectator’s attention. The action on stage is so captivating that public breathes in at the beginning and only at the end of the show breathes out. With sinking hearts they watch love drama of ‘eternal lover and eternal villain, heartthrob’ Casanova. Then, they hover on a hang glider, bring together ‘future and past’, and finally, unequivocally believe in gentle words of farewell: ‘Dear friend, do not miss me! I'll come back, I know for sure.’

Valery Leontiev is called the Godfather of soviet concert shows. During those times and when it was not a mainstream, he started to turn each concert into a spectacle. Leontiev is the narrator, the artist and the main actor. At the beginning of the carrier he created all looks by himself.

Fans love him for artistry and, of course, for talent, velvet voice, strong natural charm and incredible dedication. The audience immediately falls in love with Leontiev at first sight, and loves him forever. The artistic environment says: ‘There are no more loyal fans than Leontiev ones." And Valery pays everything back. Practically in each interview he emphasizes how the feedback from audience is important for him. There is a special magic between artist and public during live shows.

The legend of Soviet and Russian scene will meet with Belarusian fans at the Palace of the Republic on November 11.

Beginning at 19-00. Information by phone: (029) 716 11 77, (029) 106 000 2

Ticket price: 35-170 denominated rubles. 

Tickets can be bought at the city box offices, on the website of the organizer — the concert agency Atom Entertainment http://atomenterglobal.by/, as well as on the websites of ticket operators.