Songs similar to love letters: this autumn Lara Fabian will come to Minsk

How many girls' tears were shed to Lara Fabian touching hits! Je T'aime, Adagio, Je Suis Malade and other French-speaking singer of Italo-Belgian origin songs have become anthems of lovers on 5 continents. International pop star is preparing a fresh mix of favorite and brand new compositions for her new performance in Minsk. 

Fragile femininity, utmost sincerity and tremendous professionalism — according to critics, these are ‘three pillars’ on which leans Lara Fabian long-term popularity. The owner of the unique lyric soprano, also called ‘angel-like’ voice constantly hones her talent: during tours the singer is accompanied by vocal coach. Fans of her talent are convinced that the whole thing is in the energy, that she puts in creativity. Even if you do not know French, Italian, Spanish or English, in which sings Lara Fabian, it is easy to guess that all her songs are about love.

Lara Sophie Katy Crokaert (real name) has decided to become a singer as a child. At the age of eight, she gave a singsong for home-folks and performed Barbra Streisand song Memory. This performance has turned so touching, that the grandmother of the future star even burst into tears. It was the moment when she realized that creativity was the thing she wanted to do for the rest of life. 14 years old Lara performed in front of public with her father, a professional guitarist, but as a stage name she took mother's maiden name — Fabian. Victory in the contest of young talents in Brussels, where she won all three main prizes, became the door to the world of show business for the singer.

Becoming an adult, Fabian has moved from Europe to Canada in search of creative freedom. There she began to actively write her own songs, fully realizing potential. Romantic repertoire, backed by a strong voice, immediately made young singer a pop star. Following Canada Lara Fabian was warmly welcomed in Europe and America. Today her albums are sold in millions of copies, and the songs that are similar to love letters, do not go from the first lines of charts.

Lara Fabian is confident: "Love is the only thing that can save the world, hatred makes us inhuman". Her position is actively expressed in creativity, calling for openness, inner freedom and mutual respect. She is a welcome guest at various music festivals and television shows, her concerts are always sold-outs. Nevertheless, it seems like Lara Fabian does not even notice the world of fame, and any performance is not an entertainment show, but talk face-to-face with each spectator.

Communication from heart to heart with Lara Fabian will become available for Minsk citizens this fall. The concert program Ma vie dans la tienne will be presented at the Sports Palace on November 30, beginning at 20-00. Info line: +375 29106000 2 29 375 75 111 75.

Ticket prices: from 40 to 230 (from 400 000 to 2 300 000 before denomination) rubles. The most expensive tickets are seats at the main floor that will be arranged in front of the stage. Quantity of seats is limited.

Tickets can be bought at the city box offices, on the website of the organizer — the concert agency Atom Entertainment http://atomenterglobal.by/, as well as on the websites of ticket operators.