Revva and Galustyan will present ‘Best of the best of the best’ program in Minsk

Humorous duel will take place at the Palace of the Republic on December 3. The opponents are juicy comics: ‘Nasha Russia’ sketches character Mikhail Galustyan and Comedy Club resident Alexander ‘A’ Revva. The fight will be epic, good mood of the whole city is at stake of this battle!

Revva and Galustyan KVN quotes immediately went viral. Miniature about Gadya Petrovich Khrenova and duel between Stallone and Schwarzenegger turned artists into CIS idols.

Minsk citizens will have a chance to see all these and other favorite humorous numbers. The public will also hear new jokes that comedians have prepared for them and, of course, enjoy the brilliant improvisation. Don’t forget that Revva and Galustyan are pumped masters in interaction with the public.

Branded Revva and Galustyan humor is famous and popular among people. The evidences of this love are numerous awards. Both humorists are KVN League 2003 champions, three-time winners of KVN Summer Cup (2004, 2005 and 2009). Since those times friends developed further and now their jokes are even more sparkling as well as performance are more expressive.

Revva and Galustyan have very different roles and Minsk audience will see the best of them. Beloved characters and jokes are waiting for all people with good sense of humor at the Palace of the Republic.

Revva and Galustyan are actively involved in films: Mikhail Galustyan played a role at ‘The Best Film’ (2009), for which he was nominated for the ‘MTV Russia Movie Awards’. He had another roles in the series ‘Zaitsev + 1’ (2011 ) and in the films ‘The one and only Carlson!’ (2012), ‘A gift with character’ (2014), ‘8 new dates’ (2015). Alexander Revva starred in ‘Eralash’ (2008, 2011), as well as in the films ‘Odnoklassniki.ru’ (2013), ‘With burning ears’ (2014), ‘Bet on Love’ (2015) and many others. Besides these things Revva often glimpses in the incendiary video clips.

New Galustyan and Revva show ‘Best of the best of the best’ is a sharp battle, during which the artists will find out who among them is the best of the best of the best, and who is just, the best .

Those who have already seen this bright show are very excited. Artists have many tour dates, but in the beginning of winter they will come to Minsk.

You could ask a provocative question, see their acting skills and just laugh a lot at the Palace of the Republic on December 3.

Ticket price: 35 - 170 denominated rubles.

Information by phone: +37529 716 11 77, +375 29 106 000 2

Tickets can be bought at the city box offices, on the website of the organizer — the concert agency Atom Entertainment http://atomenterglobal.by/, as well as on the websites of ticket operators.