Explosive David Garrett: your world won't be the same

Heartthrob of European and American audience, violin virtuoso and composer, single thirty-five year old David Garrett arrives in Minsk on December 11.

The Tall Blond Man with rapier glance, guileless smile and strong hands, studded with heavy rings, his charm smites once and for all. Even three-day stubble passes him! The angelic appearance and volcanic character in each movement. Once my mother said that it’s better to stay away from men like him. Nevertheless, is it possible? Now it is definitely not.

David Garrett was born in Germany and started playing the violin at four years. Talented kid very quickly approved himself. At 12 he has already toured across Europe with famous musicians. Music captured his soul for life, became his world. He welcomes everybody to this world during concerts.

Music critics define David Garrett, as crossover. This is an incredible fusion of classical and rock, jazz and contemporary music. These are amazing authors versions of renown compositions and unique playing skill, only this musician capable for.

His virtuoso technique is compared with Niccolo Paganini, one of Garrett’s favorite composers. David always plays Paganini’s music in his own arrangements, and sometimes it seems that the German violinist stepped much further than acknowledged genius.

Nothing in David reminds stereotyped violinist. He is a self-confident, well-groomed and handsome man. It’s impossible to stand against his charisma, his dress code is sometimes controversial, but David only laughs in response to these words. Probably you won’t see him in elegant suit and you’ll never see him in tail-coat. He could go on stage wearing a jacket over a simple T-shirt together with stone washed jeans. David could easily go down to underground walkway and play there his versions of classic compositions.

It’s interesting, how we will see him at Minsk concert?

David Garrett will change your vision of classic music, break stereotypes about violinists and traditional performance, you wish exactly all these things!

David will bring his latest album Explosive, that has already conquered European listeners. This is Garrett’s own music recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Classic and contemporary music, jazz and rock, and even country music and folk are the components of the success of this album, but even they are insufficient. Garrett has a secret component. Come to the concert and find out what is it!

David Garrett will present Explosive album to Minsk listeners on December 11 at the Palace of Republic. Beginning at 20.00.

Ticket price: 65 – 200 (650 000 – 2 000 000 before denomination) rubles. 

Information by phone: +375 29 716 11 77, +375 29 106 000 2

Tickets can be bought at the city box offices, on the website of the organizer — the concert agency Atom Entertainment http://atomenterglobal.by/, as well as on the websites of ticket operators.