“This is my last day on the Titanic”: Lolita will bring her new show in Minsk

One of the most temperamental Russian pop artist — singer Lolita is ready to present her new solo program to Minsk audience. On February 25 at the Palace of the Republic the audience will hear Lolita’s most famous and favorite songs.

Lolita has always known how to create unusual stage looks and shock the audience. At stage and in private live her bravery was always crossing borders with her shamefulness. What can a man do, if you have such an indomitable character. This character will influence on everything that happens around.

Nevertheless, it’s very good for her, because she is an artist. Lolita makes everything and lives without falsehood. Every eccentric action, evoking image and every single phrase in the interview come from the soul. Lolita is always sincere with her audience and this is her secret. Critics blame her for provoking actions and excessive frankness, kneaded on a stormy temperament. Many star colleagues want to hear these words that are always spoken about Lolita: “Nobody is halfhearted towards her music and way of life”.

Her songs are always become real hits. Lolita has already got ten Golden Gramophone statuettes. This is one of the best acknowledgment of artist’s popularity and diversity of its talent. Lolita will present a new show with famous hits and new songs to Minsk audience: The setlist will definitely include such songs, as "I was dreaming about", "Orientation — North", "Tell me how ...", "I", "On the Titanic," "Nine Lives" and many others. Lolita is one of the best artists in pure sincerity and intimate conversation with the audience through her music.

Singer will bring concert program Lolita in Minsk. The premiere took place in April at Moscow Crocus City Hall. The show has received positive reviews from listeners and critics. More than 7 000 fans have witnessed Lolita’s new show.

Lolita Milyavskaya will perform in Minsk on February 25 at the Palace of the Republic. The beginning at 19.00.

Tickets can be bought at the city box offices, on the website of the organizer — the concert agency Atom Entertainment http://atomenterglobal.by/, as well as on the websites of ticket operators.