«Why so serious?» Grigory Leps will present a new program in Minsk

Grigory Leps is coming to Minsk. This is a musician who easily makes «checks» opposite «sold out stadiums» points in his notebook. The concert will take place at Minsk-Arena on March 31.

How did song «The best day» help lady fencer to win the Olympic gold?

It sounds unbelievable, but it turned out that Grigory Leps songs really make miracles. Olympic champion Inna Deriglazova, who has brought Russia a gold medal in fencing this year, has admitted that before the final game she was listening to «The best day» song and it really inspired her. It is difficult to imagine what mountains Minsk citizens will move after Grigory Leps performance!

How did Leps almost become Grisha Sochinski?

Grigory is unique in everything: starting from the tone of voice and up to the stage-name. The real singer surname is Lepsveridze. Nickname "Leps" was given him by Sochi friends. When Grigory started a music career, he almost took stage-name "Grisha Sochinski". But variant "Grigory Leps" has won.

How did Grigory almost become a priest?

Grigory's parents, especially his mother, saw him as the seminary ыегвуте. This idea was very appealing to Leps, cause there were a lot of seminary students in his social circle. Grigory knew that they were very erudite and book-read people with a philosophical mentality, and he felt likeliness with these people.

However, music has finaly caught his attention and dreams. He didn’t enter the seminary, explaining his choice using a philosophical phrase: "God knows how it will be better."

Nevertheless, the singer is still a very religious person and collects icons.

How did Grigory perform only for three persons?

Once Leps was invited to a private concert someone even sent the plane for him. When the musician came to the venue, he saw the audience consisting of only three persons: two girls and man. The singer was surprised, but put a bold face on and performed a full concert.

How did Leps collected more than 300 sunglasses?

When people hear the name Grigory Leps, artist in branded sunglasses immediately comes to mind. It may seem that the singer has only one pair of them, but in reality he has more than 300 round sunglasses. All of them have almost the same shape, but by different brands, colors and with different histories.

Sunglassess are not the only part of the image, but also the additional business for the artist. Leps has created his own brand of sunglasses: each model is called after one of his songs.

Grigory Leps will perform at Minsk-Arena on March 31 with his new program «Why so serious?». Beginning at 20.00.

Ticket price: 35-200 rubles.

Information by phone: +37529 75 111 75, +375 29 106 000 2

Tickets can be bought at the city box offices, on the website of the organizer — the concert agency Atom Entertainment http://atomenterglobal.by/, as well as on the websites of ticket operators.